Got a Graphic Or Web Design Project?

Got a Graphic Or Web Design Project?

About Me

“I want to make designs that speak more than words”


My Skills

Web Design
UX Design
Graphic Design
UI Design

Media & Articles


2017 - Present

Credi - Digital & Graphics Manager is a platform for friends, family’s and businesses to manage loan agreements online.

During my time at Credi, I’ve been responsible for designing marketing collateral as well as UI/UX.

I’ve worked closely beside business stakeholders, programmers/developers and marketers to produce design solutions. 

My responsibilities include:

  • Briefing our tech team in Nepal to follow UI standards 
  • Customer support
  • Designing new interfaces for new app functionality 
  • Designing marketing material 

I’ve also worked on visuals for Credi which have been presented at such events as:

  • West Tech Fest
  • Startcon
  • Wholesale Investor
  • Tech Exchange

My main focus throughout my work is to product imagery that represents the values and ethics of the company, showing the benefits and the uniqueness of the service. 

2016 - Present

Kate Keiley Designs - Graphic Designer

In 2016 I started Kate Keiley Designs a freelance graphic design business. 

I was responsible for designing for both print and digital mediums offering services in web design (and implementation), logo design, customization of WordPress themes and design for printed marketing material.

As I ran this operation solely, I was also responsible for other aspects of the business such as client liaison, sourcing leads, bookkeeping/accounts and business planning.

During the time I ran Kate Keiley Designs I also expanded into apparel, print, and sticker design. I made my artwork available for sale online and during art shows.


Evelyn Forever Holdings

Evelyn Forever is a Perth supplier of a range of consumer products.
I worked for brands such as Softis, ProGlow and Calafant. I liaised closely with the marketing team to design collateral such as large banners, brochures, expo artwork and signage to promote the branding image. This collateral was taken to shows and large retail outlets such as IGA and Red Dot.


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